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Know as “Jump God” on social media for his phenomenal jumping capabilities and athletic abilities, John F Kennedy has spent over 16 years coaching and mentoring athletes in the sports performance space. John has transformed hundreds of athletes including dozens of professionals into Athletic Gods as he calls them. Throughout his career, he has mastered the art of the vertical jump through taking himself through the process and investing tens of thousands of hours into his craft.

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Customer Reviews

Best Experience

Fantastic experience— Our son was able to train with kids from all over the world, under remarkable coaching. JOHN KENNEDY are extremely professional, efficient, high-energy motivators, and it is an honor to be under their guidance.
Anc Clarkson

It is worth every penny

This is a great facility with superior leadership and instructors. I have told many of my son's friends parents about this facility and they are bringing their sons here for top-of-the-line training. The staff are very professional, the scheduling system is very easy to use.
Dawn Ward

Very Responsive

Coach JOHN KENNEDY was so responsive, enthusiastic, and kind from the first email. He was so welcoming and came up with a great training plan for our kids. The coaches really spend time with kids with detailed instruction and encouragement. 😍
Candice Walker


Instructors are great! Small group sessions give instructors the opportunity to truly evaluate your child's strengths and weaknesses! Very affordable! After my first visit, I knew I was coming back to this facility.
Brandeis Thomas

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